Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This Friday March 9 program "sex and the new you"

The journey into adulthood is exciting, yet sometimes painful; emotional, yet frequently awkward -- for preteens and teens, as well as for moms and dads! Sex is one of the topic not commonly discussed in church, meanwhile, our society continually bombards young people with sexual information. This Friday we have invited Pastor Calvin to speak to us on this seldom discuss topic from a distinctively Christian point of view, in the context of our relationship to the God who created us and redeemed us in Jesus Christ and sex as another good gift from God which is to be used responsibly.

March break is coming up.......hooray!! I know some of you will be away with family, if I don't see you this Friday......have a great time with your family and everyone enjoy the break and snow. As for me, I am looking forward to SPRING!!! Ha ha ha.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Special Awana Presentation

hey pure energy!! just wanted to say how much fun it was to hang out with you all at the Christmas celebration and gym night, this week we will be having the awana presentation and we ask that you would come to this presentation to learn what awana is all about! please invite your parents as well. dave will be our special guest speaker and will introduce the awana ministry to our church, they seek to assist churches in reaching children and youth with the gospel message. we will be joining the YF and h2o fellowships too, please come this friday with an open heart and open ears as we hear about the heartbeat of this ministry. for more information on the awana ministry, feel free to visit their website at awana.org. blessings, and see you all on friday!

[update] are you guys ready to go skating on feb 9th!?!! ;) please have your parents fill this winterlude consent form, have a good week, blessings. - josh

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Wow, it's been awhile since I last posted here. It definitely feels a loooooooong time ago. Christmas came and Christmas gone. And now it's the new year 2007, yeah!! As it's still January, pretty new in the year, so.........a belated Happy New Year to you all. I have a very good reason of not updating this site for so long. It's technical problem and my technical adviser was away for a while and so I have to wait. But anyway, here we are, Pure Energy is up and back in full force!!!
We had a wonderful gymn night 2 weeks ago. You are all so energetic and I can tell that you all really enjoy yourself. Great!
This coming Friday is Bible Study. We will continue on the theme "Preparing for adolescence" by Dr. James Dobson. Don't forget to bring along your Bible and a pen would be very helpful.
And our next meeting in 2 weeks will be skating on the canal. As for now the weather, we have a very high possibility to be 'on the canal'. I plan to invite all pure energy to come my house for supper then go for the skating. We will talk about that in detail when we meet this Friday. So........see you all Friday at 7:30. Yeah!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Movie in

Due to a mixed up of movie show time, we ended up to have a movie in instead of movie out. We are glad that all pure energy showed up for the movie at church, what a pure energy spirit!! We missed the penquin movie at the theatre, so Auntie Salina picked a penquin DVD, The March of Penquins, to watch at church. Obviously, this was not as excited as the one showing in the theatre, but it's quite safe to say that we all learned a lot from this documenatry on Penquins in the Antartic and were amazed of God's creations.
Our next gathering is Dec.8 Bible Study at church. And don't forget the Christmas caroling on Dec.16 meet at 1:30pm at church. We need to rehearse the songs and skit on Dec.3 and Dec.10 both days 1:30pm at church. Make this Christmas a reason for the season. Instead of HO HO HO, it is Health, Help and Hope that's why it is so meaningful to go for the Christmas caroling. See you!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Movie Night

Sorry that our November schedule keeps changing. It is confirmed that we are going for a movie this Friday. We will watch "Happy Feet" at Silver City Theatre in Gloucester.
We will meet at the theatre at 7:10pm for the 7:30pm show. If you need a ride please call either Frederick or Auntie Salina for arrangement.
We will pay for your ticket if you write a review after the movie to post on this site. Parents are welcome to join us for the movie.
Please (1) phone or e-mail Auntie Salina by Thurs to let her know if you are going, and (2) print out the consent form in the download section of this site, parents sign and bring along on Friday.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Iron Chef and Christmas caroling

That was really a fun time on Sat. Iron Chef competition. Auntie Salina was very happy with a pretty stress free encounter thanks to the help of Uncle Eric and the amazing Pure Energy crews. You guys are amazing.........you are so cooperative, willing to work on anything to everything, obedience, courtesy, and yet joyful even amid this so stressful cooking condition. Your skit performance were super and wish that was taped for moms and dads to enjoy. And for that reason Pure Energy won the Best Team Spirit award, Yeah!! Our uniforms were quite unique too, check the picture, don't you think so? I wondered if they had the best uniform costume award?????? Pure Energy sure will grap it. And we won the prize for the amazing race too. Yes, don't let other thinks that you are young in the family, but just let them com and see, you can do great thing..........together..........for God!! Hallelujah! Pure Energy, Pure Energy!!

Can Iron Chef and Christmas Caroling mix together? Sure, anything can be mixed and happened only in Pure Energy.
After the Iron Chef, Pure Energy is invited by KFC to join them for Christmas caroling on Dec.16 (Saturday) at St. Vincent Hospital. We will meet at church at 1:30pm for rehearsal, walk over to the hospital and return to church at 4:00 for a Christmas refreshment, all finish by 4:30pm. Moms and dads are invited to join us. Merrily, merrily.....Christmas time is coming.........
Oh, yeah, we need to practice the Christmas carols in order to have good presentation. Therefore, there will be 2 song practice sessions at church Room 202 on two Sundays Dec.3 & 10 at 1:30pm. All pure energy members, come and join Christmas caroling and bring the Pure Energy spirit to the weak and needy and to proclaim the Good News to all.
Yes, Iron Chef and Christmas Caroling can be mixed only in Pure Energy because of the Pure Energy Spirit!!!!!
For Christmas Caroling parents need to sign consent form as this will be an outside activity. I will ask Josh to help to download the form in this site and also more pictures on Iron Chef day for you. But just be patient till I ask Josh to help or one day Auntie Salina will learn how to do it herself. Please just bear with me, I am learning.........:)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Little love gift and Iron Chef

Little love gift and Iron Chef, can they be mixed together. Yes, only in Pure Energy. Last Friday, little craft of letter J tree ornaments plus a Christmas card were made by every one in Pure Energy. Frederick presented to us all the CCCO supported missionaries and the each one picked their 'favorite?' missionary and made a little letter J tree ornament and wrote a Christmas card. We pray that this little something can bring heart warming Christmas love to our loved missionaries in far away. We love you all!!
And finally we, pure energy, as least settled on the TV show name, and the menu. Hey guys, get onto the forum and put in your suggestion on what and how to present, what to wear etc. Iron chef will start at 2:30pm on Sat.Nov.11. There will be amazing race that all groups need to join and a secret ingredient will be exposed on that day to add to all the menu. If you forgot what's our menu or what's our TV show?..................I can't tell you here...........it's a top secret................get onto the forum to find out..................only for Pure Energy. Sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh.........

parents' night

Sorry being so delate to express my thank you to all those parents showed up on our parents' night. We had a good chat and I can sense your love and concern to your child. And your show up is a big encouragement to me and Frederick that we know that we have your support as we serve in this Junior high group. Please give us feedback and let us know how we can pray for you and your child from time to time. I discovered one thing on the parents' night................no one like coffee except Frederick. :)